"One fact we learn over and over again, from our own personal experiences, and from others, is that no amount of worldly pleasure, fame, and fortune, brings internal happiness without a higher purpose in one’s life. And that higher purpose can only be the worship of Allah.
Robin Williams had it all: an amazing acting career, awards, world fame, wealth, and everything one could want of this life. He made all of us laugh in public, even as he himself in private was internally sad and depressed. We will never fully understand what was going on inside of him and what internal demons he was battling, but it is a lesson for all of us: life without purpose is not a fulfilling life. This world and all that it possesses will only bring temporary satisfaction - it is only Islam that makes one feel fulfilled and productive.
Allah says, “Whoever does good deeds, male or female, while having faith - that is the one We shall bless with a sweet life (hayat tayyiba).”
Alhamdulillah for the blessing of Islam! And May Allah grant us all sweet and fulfilling lives!"

Yasir Qadhi

Boycott? Did someone say boycott? Here’s what we really need to boycott!

Boycott interest. Boycott alcohol. Boycott Haram relationships. Boycott mortgages. Boycott haram earnings. Boycott spousal abuse. Boycott doubtful food. Boycott extravagant weddings. Boycott backbiting. Boycott missing prayers. Boycott disobedience of parents. Boycott nationalism. Boycott all forms of Haram.

'Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.' 13:11

(inspired by Sh A. Raheem)

Dear WeTheMuslims, My name is Rosemary Pennington. I am a researcher at Indiana University interested in the way people use social media. I am currently conducting research on Muslim bloggers in Tumblr. I am contacting you because you showed up in a search for Muslim Tumblr bloggers. I am hoping you will be willing to take part in my research. If you agree to take part in this project, I can provide you with more information about the project’s purpose and goals. All the best, Rosemary

Sure! In shaa Allah!

Anonymous Asked:
As Salam alaykum. I just read you 8 signs to a weak/hard heart. What advice would you give to reverse that? Tips to make ones Imaan stronger? Jaskallah ghair

Waalaykumussalam. Read the Quran and reflect upon it. 

Alsalamu Alikum, I have really important final tomorrow. Please make dua for me. InshAllah, I do well. I really need an A to lift my GPA up & pass. JazakAllah. #dua #request #jazakallah #khair

Waalaykumussalam. i hope you made it. 

Anonymous Asked:
are you muslem?

Yes. I bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.

Anonymous Asked:
Wouldn't it be nice if the Muslim ummah was as unified as it is in Ramadan all year around? Any solutions?

Establish the Salah.


Taken by the West Bank.


Taken by the West Bank.

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